Vladimir Mushchanov is a rector for Academic Affairs, a Head of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics department, Doctor of Sciences in Engineering, professor, a member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Academy of Civil Engineering of Ukraine, an associate member of The Academy of Architecture of Ukraine, an expert accredited by the International Institution of Civil Engineers.

He was born on 22 October 1954 in Makeyevka, Donetsk region.

In 1977 he graduated with honors from Makeyevka Institute of Civil Engineering, specialty “Industrial and Civil Engineering”.

He worked as an engineer-technologist in Yaroslavl (Russia), he served in the Soviet Army (Far Eastern Military District).

Since 1979 he has been working in the academic field. He worked as a junior research officer of the Minmontazhspetsstroi laboratory of Ukrainian SSR. He was a post graduate student of Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering named after V.V. Kuibyshev. After that he worked as a junior research officer of research department, an assistant lecturer, an associate professor of MakICEA. Since 1987 he has been working as a Head of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics department. From 2000 to 2001 he occupied the position of a Dean of Building Faculty. Since 2001 he has been working as a vice rector for Research.

In 1987 Vladimir Mushchanov defended a thesis, in 1997 he defended a doctoral thesis, in 1998 he was awarded with an academic status of professor.

He is the author of 8 normative documents of Ukraine, 180 scientific and educational works, including 5 co-authored monographs: “Algorithms of structural steel design” (M., Stroiizdat, 1989), “Linear and nonlinear problems of the theory of elasticity with the view to thin-walled structures “(Makeyevka, DonSACEA. 2000),” Construction of the fixed coatings over the stadium stands”(Makeyevka, DonNACEA. 1st edition 2002, 2nd edition 2008),”The efficiency of the energy construction and operation in Ukraine” (Makiyivka, DonNACEA. 2008), 6 student guidebooks stamped by MESU. He has 1 certificate of authorship of the USSR and 6 authoring patents of Ukraine.

The research results have been applied:

  • during the estimation of technical condition and the development of measures to ensure the normal operation of large- span membrane coatings of the Olympics-80 constructions in Moscow (indoor stadium and swimming pool of the sports complex “Olimpiiskii”, football field and track complex of the multipurpose sports hall CSKA, the multipurpose sports hall “Izmailovo”),
  • during the reconstruction of vertical cylindrical tanks at Slavianskaia, Uglegorskaia, Zaporozhskaia TPP, JSC “Donetskstroytranssnab”,
  • during the reconstruction of gas exhaust ducks of stacks at PA «Stirol»,
  • during the development of design and reconstruction projects of stadiums to be implemented due to the preparation for the EURO 2009 and EURO 2012.

Under the supervision of Vladimir Mushchanov 5 theses and 21 master’s theses were defended. Vladimir Mushchanov is a member of the Thesis Defense Committee D 12.085.01 (DonNACEA) and of the Thesis Defense Committee K 52.079.01 (NAERE). He is also a member of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Vladimir Mushchanov is a member of the editor board of such journals as «Civil Engineering and Management» (Vilnius, Lithuania), «Engineering Structures and Technologies» (Vilnius, Lithuania), «Industrial construction and engineering structures » (Kiev, Ukraine), « Metal Constructions » (Makeyevka, Ukraine), «Proceeding of the DonNACEA » (Makeyevka, Ukraine), he is an editor in chief of «Modern Industrial and Civil Construction» journal (Makeyevka, Ukraine).

Vladimir Mushchanov is an expert in the field of development of the new computation and design methods of space frames.